20 Things I have learnt in my 20’s!

As I reach the pointy end of my twenties and the brighter side of life after struggling through two of the most difficult years of my life, it felt right to reflect on what I’ve learnt throughout this time.

Having come out of the other side of that bad emotional and mental period, and realising how much growth, knowledge and learning I’ve done, I thought I’d share with you the 20 things I have learnt in my 20’s… so far.

·  Don’t be afraid to quit your job, or leave your relationship and start again

Life is way too short to be in toxic situations that make you unhappy, or a situation where you feel that your love or commitment is one sided. Be brave enough to walk away and know that there are better opportunities out there for you.

·  Healthy is the new skinny!

I have wasted so many years of my life being so unhappy with my body. I would spend hours slaving away on the treadmill and eating next to nothing, as well as every single weight loss fix on the market. It was only once I realised balance is important that I finally became healthy! I no longer starve myself or deprive myself of the delicious things in life, I exercise most days and focus on strengthening my body through weightlifting, not just hours of cardio. I’m now in the best shape of my life! I no longer want to look like models in magazines, I am happy being me.

·  Not everyone has the same heart as you

Everyone has their own opinions and although you may believe something is right or wrong does not mean that others will agree with you. Not everyone has the same morals as you either and that is ok.

·  Family is everything

This doesn’t have to be blood this can be your best friends too! At the end of the day your family will always be there for you and pick up the pieces of whatever mess you are in.

They will never judge you and will lift you up when you are down.

My family have been the best support for me and I love them so much! I know not everyone is lucky enough to have their family by their side so I am so grateful for everything they have done for me.

·  Let go of hate and negative energy

There is no point in holding grudges! Make peace, express your concerns, and move on.

You cannot change things that have happened, and you cannot change stress inducing toxic people let them go and let it all be in the past.

·  Looking after your body is important!

Make sure you make those appointments to get your health in order with regular checkups! Yes girls, this means the dreaded pap smear, dental checks, and mole checks.

As you get older you really value your health as your health is everything. This includes your mental health too!

·  Experiences mean so much more that materialistic things

As you get older you get over having “things”. I mean yes, it is nice to have a shiny new makeup palette or pair of designer handbags, but these things don’t matter when you are gone. The people you make connections with, the memories made during your travels and quality time with your family is what will matter most in the end.

·  You do not need a significant other to be happy

I was with my ex fiancé for 9 years, which is a big chunk of my short life! When we separated, I didn’t know how I was going to survive on my own. Everyone knew us as being together and we did everything together (including purchasing a house and raising a puppy). Finally, I left the house we owned and lived on my own for three months, which was a massive learning curve for me.

I never imagined that being single would make me the happiest I’ve ever been, but I am! I did survive that difficult break up and I’m doing great! Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I thought “how am I going to get through today”, but slowly I began to enjoy my own company and realised that I don’t need to rely on someone else to make me happy. I think it is only when you are happy on your own that you open the door for new love to enter…

·  No one  knows what the hell they’re doing in life

Don’t stress about your career, achievements and what everyone else is doing! Everybody is just as clueless as you are! I’m certain it continues further into adulthood, people change careers, housing, and relationships throughout their whole lives (even my sister became a property manager after working as a qualified hairdresser!). Just focus on you and what makes you happy at that time in your life!

It’s never too late to change your mind and aim for something you have always wanted to do.

·  You don’t need to put a time limit on things just let them happen

I spent such a large portion of my life planning how everything was supposed to happen – Be in relationship for this many years, be in a job for this long, buy a house by this age, get engaged and married by this time, be finished having kids before 30! What a joke and such stress for nothing. I have realised that life can change in a second so just take it each day as it comes and embrace it.

Sure, we have goals and want certain things but stop putting a time limit on life events and just enjoy it. Your time will come and I promise it will be amazing and with the right person at the right time.

·  Listen to your parents -They are ALWAYS right.

You will realise this. They were young once too!

·  What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of following the crowd. I’ve learnt if you are true to yourself, the best will come to you. Don’t just do things because it is cool at the time.

·  Relax! Take time for yourself.

Chill out, stop stressing and sleep in. Take a yoga class, spend a whole Sunday at home.

Do things that are good for your soul.

·  You must ask for what you want

Whether it’s looking for a promotion or wanting to go travelling with friends, no one is going to give you what you want if you don’t ask for it. The first step is knowing what you want. Figure it out, and ask for it.

·  Minimalism is key

Stop hoarding or holding onto crap that you don’t need. Do you really need five cheeseboards or three cutlery sets?

Make room in your wardrobe for staple pieces that add value and fit well. Have a garage sale to clean out your life and it will feel so much organised.

·  Start saving money

Whether its $10 a week or $250 a week, it all counts and helps you plan and budget for the future. Set small goals first and then you can go onto bigger things.

·  Honesty is the policy

Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. Whether it’s something negligible or a serious mistake, honesty is best. When you tell the truth, there is nothing to hide or be scared in getting caught out for.

·  Not everyone needs to know about your fake life on social media

Usually the unhappiest people are the ones that pretend like everything is perfect on social media. Not everyone needs to know what you’re doing on Facebook. Keep some of your special moments for yourself.

·  Coffee & good food is life

Need I say more.

·  Give out compliments more- 

You never know when someone is feeling down and you can turn their day, week or year around with just one little compliment. Spread love through kind words and compliments!

Lush x